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Tintoretto  is JAS’s interpretation of the most famous pomegranate-based cocktail.

The pomegranates come from a farm in Salento (Italy) specializing in the organic cultivation of this fruit.

The selection of pomegranates is an ideal combination of two varieties: the earliest ripening ones called Acco and the Wonderful (Punica Granatum Wonderful), which has a more intense flavour and it is harvested in the first ten days of October.

Once the fruits are harvested they  are quickly pressed and pasteurized with preservative methods.

The grapes and fruit are all grown at the right time of the year, by environmentally friendly farmers and who use sustainable methods.  No  pesticides are used.

The kegs on tap are made of recyclable material, they protect the cocktails from  air and guarantee freshness, taste and quality.


Chardonnay IGT Lazio organic wine (60%), organic Acco and Wonderful pomegranate juice (40%) and carbon dioxide.

Contains sulphites.

Produced and packaged by Biosolidale Srl on behalf of JAS Srl