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Jas Mito is the quintessential ingredient for creating exquisite, organic cocktails made with the finest and most sought-after ingredients.
This exceptional concoction is carefully crafted from a combination of mountain-grown organic bitters and red organic vermouth made from Tuscan wine, expertly blended in our distillery for just the right time to create a delectable, seamless flavor profile.

The result is a one-of-a-kind recipe that can be savored straight over ice or, with a few simple variations, transformed into a range of classic cocktails that exude timeless charm and elegance.


Organic Red Vermouth 52%, Organic Bitter 48%.
# Contains sulphites.
Vol. Alc. 20%


pour into an “Old Fashioned” glass among the ice cubes, and garnish to taste with slice and orange zest. And finally, to complete your drink:

  • Leave it natural, it’s an organic MiTo or “Milano Torino”.
  • Add soda or seltzer to get the official version of AMERICANO
  • Add a third of your favorite gin to enjoy a NEGRONI
  • Add your favorite sparkling wine to the NEGRONI SBAGLIATO

Produced and packaged by Biosolidale Srl on behalf of JAS Srl